To provide a safe haven that maximizes opportunities for kindness, recognition, connection, and play within our community.


Bravehearts Program firmly believes that each child in our care deserves to be treated as an individual with sensitivity, consideration, respect, and dignity. Our mission is to provide the support, resources, and interactions to nurture and improve the quality and experience of their life.


  1. To reform the current standard of care by putting systems in place that will allow provision of hygiene and medical care, whilst upholding the minimum standards on alternative care for children with special needs
  2. To have individual care plans for each of our children
  3. To facilitate awareness and change the current perception of disability and special needs in Cambodia, which has led to the rejection of these children in their families and communities.
  4. To manage the special needs of the children in collaboration with our staff and volunteers
  5. To increase the staff to child ratio in order to provide the greatest standard of care and attention.
  6. To facilitate and provide staff training
  7. To support the well-being of all staff
  8. To support our volunteers in achieving their goals of making a difference and developing professionally
  9. To provide the children with monthly excursions and to recognize achievements with monthly celebrations.
  10. To continue to develop the provision of equipment and resources in our facility
  11. To seek out and partner with allies in order to ensure the continuity of fundraising efforts to sustain our program


We are committed to the development, care and happiness of the children in our program.